Amenities - Casa Kalaw

Conference Room

Game Lounge

Darts, billiards, table tennis and football is available for people to unwind in between beach breaks and at night. Bond through fun.

Open daily.

Outdoor Pool

Take a refreshing dip in any of our pools — classic or kiddie. Treat yourself to the refreshing views that the island offers.

Opens Daily at 6:00AM

Pool Depth (Adult): 4 ft.
Pool Depth (Kiddie): 2 ft.

Kalaw Bar

Chug and chow in paradise with Filipino classics. Featuring food made with the freshest ingredients that will surely make your taste buds swim in gladness.

Opens Daily at 6:00AM
Seating Capacity: 30 persons

Kalaw Cafe

Enjoy all-day Filipino dining, with fresh and flavorful meals you won’t forget at the Kalaw Cafe.

Opens Daily at 6:00AM
Seating Capacity: 60 persons